Attack on Shoyul Ghoul

The Great Hunt

Nynaeve and Egwene visit Fain in the dungeons on occasion. After Egwene hides Rand in the Women’s quarters he sleeps and wakes up with Nynaeve there. They speak about Egwene and Fain and keeping Rand safe. While talking the alarm goes off. Nynaeve assures Rand it wouldn’t be for him. Nynaeve runs into Lan who wants to talk to her. Lan gives her the ring of the Kings of Malkier. Afterwards Moiraine talks to her about coming with them to Tar Valon. Nynaeve leaves with Egwene, Moiraine, and the Amyrlin. On their trip Nynaeve and Egwene are given some lessons by Verin then later on by a bunch of different Aes Sedai. During her lesson with Verin Nynaeve gets angry and starts a fire with Saidar. They arrive at Medo. they continue by ship on there way. The Amyrlin Siuan gives them a lesson. After holding Nynaeve in the air with Saidar, Nynaeve slams the Amyrlin against the wall with Saidar but is shortly cut off from the One Power by the Amyrlin. Shortly after they arrive at Tar Valon where they meet Sheriam the Mistress of Novices.
At the White Tower Nynaeve takes her test to be an Accepted. She walks into the first arch of the test ter’angreal and she is fighting Aginor. She has him on the run when she sees the arch to return and steps back through. Sheriam warns her about the dangers of channeling while in the ter’angreal. Nynaeve goes in the second arch. This time she is in Emond’s Field and the new Wisdom has been keeping the children sick. Marin tells her about the evil woman Malena Aylar but as they go to meet another member of the Woman’s Circle they see Malena coming at them. Nynaeve then sees the arch of the ter’angreal and steps back through. Nynaeve steps through the third arch. She is married to Lan who talks to her of their children. She sees the arch but Lan tries to convince her to stay. She finally steps through the arch. The Amyrlin is waiting for her and gives her the title of Accepted of the White Tower.
While Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, and Min are hanging out Liandrin Sedai walks in. She tells Nynaeve and Egwene that Rand is in trouble and they need to come with her to Toman Head to help him. They agree to come and then Min and Elayne join in and say they are coming too. They travel through the ways to Toman Head. After arriving at Toman head they are greeted by 50 armed men and Suroth. They are approached and someone puts a collar on Egwene. Nynaeve and Elayne escape. After escaping they plan on following Suroth to Falme to save Egwene and Min.
They are at Falme hiding out. They have located the damane quarters. Nynaeve lectures Elayne after Elayne used Saidar because they are trying to avoid notice. They find Min and chat with her. Afterwards they find Bayle Domon and talk to him about using his ship to escape. Nynaeve shows him her Accepted ring leading him to believe she is an Aes Sedai. He tells them of an Aes Sedai he saw captured and agrees to help them escape. They capture Seta, a Seanchan sul’dam and Nynaeve says she will have Seta be their fake damane for the rescue attempt. They succeed in freeing Egwene who tells them that the Sul’dam can learn to channel. As they are leaving they see Seanchan soldiers and Egwene who doesn’t want to be leashed again attacks. Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne head back to Tar Valon.



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