Attack on Shoyul Ghoul

The Eye of the World

Eye of the World

Nynaeve comes upon Rand and Mat who are discussing the news the Fain brought about the false Dragon in Ghealdan and mentions how the Women’s Circle should be questioning Fain not the Village Council.
After the Two Rivers is attacked by Trollocs Rand brings his dad Tam to town and asks Nynaeve to heal him. After inspection Nynaeve says he is too far gone to save.
Nynaeve tracked Moiraine and Rand’s group to Baerlon despite the fact that Lan was trying to cover their trail. After being questioned by Moiraine, Nynaeve has a discussion with Rand and she confirms to him that he was born outside of the Two Rivers. After Rand sees a Fade the group decides to leave. They are confronted by Whitecloaks but Moiraine appears as a giant and they escape. Afterwards they see fire from the city. This bugs Nynaeve who is worried about the people in the inn but Moiraine says keeping the boys away from the Dark one is more important. As the group continues towards Tar Valon they are set upon by hundreds of Trollocs so they take refuge in Shadar Logoth.Nynaeve mixes some herbs to help Moiraine sleep for an hour. Trollocs enter the city so they prepare to leave.
As they are exiting they encounter Mashadar which cause Lan and Moiraine to get separated from Nynaeve and the rest. Shortly after they are attacked by Trollocs and everyone is separated . Nynaeve finds Lan and Moiraine. Moiraine explains to Nynaeve that she can channel and explains what would have happened the first time she channeled. Nynaeve remembers exactly what happened and realizes Moiraine is telling the truth.
The group arrives in Whitebridge to some burnt buildings and suspicious stares. After determining that the boys were there they decide to leave and head for the one who still has their token as Moiraine has no idea what direction the other two went. They come upon a Whitecloak camp of about two hundred and Lan tell Nynaeve that the boy is in a tent in the middle. They give Nynaeve the job of releasing the horses and running them off. Nynaeve does this as well as taking two of the horses Bela and one other. Afterwards she meets up with Lan who now has Egwene and Perrin. Nynaeve notices that Perrin’s eyes are yellow and inspects them. Moiraine tells her it is not a disease.
Nynaeve and the group meet up with Rand at The Queen’s Blessing in Caemlyn. They find out Mat took a dagger from Shadar Logoth and is now really sick. Rand introduces Nynaeve to Loial. Moiraine heals Mat the best she can then joins them. She tells them that Rand, Mat, and Perrin are all ta’veren. She learned about the Eye of the World from them and decided to go there. Moiraine asks Loial to lead them there through the Ways.
The group begins their journey to Fal Dara. Loial leads them to the Waygate and Moiraine opens it. They enter and Loial uses the Ogier script to lead them. They find Trolloc runes and conclude that the Trollocs have used to learn the Ways and that is how they got to Two Rivers. They run into Machin Shin and barely escape out of the Ways. They make there way to Fal Dara and are led to lord Agelmar. Agelmar tells them about Fain and brings him in. Lord Agelmar tells them the story of Lan and afterwards Lan shows up to tell them the story of Fain.
They head into the Blight. Moiraine warns them about the dangers of the Blight. Nynaeve and Lan have a chat about their feelings for each other. They arrive at the Green Man. Shortly after they arive they are joined by two of the Forsaken, Aginor and Balthamel. Nynaeve tries to attack Aginor but is stopped by Balthamel until the Green Man attacks Balthamel. Aginor then moves forward but Moiraine tries to stop him with fire but he throws her aside. Rand runs and Aginor follows. They are joined shortly by Rand who tells them what happened after he left.



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